Finally, our production has been installed in Zofingen and we are ready to roll!


It’s been quite a journey to get here. Soon after founding novoMOF AG, a bigger production line had to come. While planning the production line, we quickly realised that PARK INNOVARE couldn’t host everything we needed. After carefully selection, Pharmapark Zofingen managed by Siegfried AG was the one.
After almost two years at PARK INNOVARE, we moved to our new office and production rooms. The rooms were refurbished (and are still being refurbished) to fit everything we need. On 165 sqm we now have enough space for office, laboratory, production and quality control facilities. And we already think about expanding into the other available 155 sqm on the same floor…
Here are some impressions of the whole process:

Production room

The room had to be completely refurbished to fit our requirements

empty production room novoMOF AG

Delivery of all parts

Big smiles once the delivery of all bits and pieces came in

delivery of all parts of the production line


Early stage of the installation, which took several days to complete

Installation of the novoMOF production

Final production

Our final production line just before testing



The production line holds up to 150l of base material in solvent. Once it has passed through our continous flow synthesis, your MOF is collected in two containers. The system is setup for continous production of amounts from kilograms to larger quantities of any metal-organic framework.

Container for Basematerial

One of three containers for basematerial holding up to 300l in total

Container for Basematerial

Fitted Pipes

Fitted pipes to control pressure in the system

Fitted pipes

MOF container

Your synthesized metal-organic frameworks are collected in these containers

MOF container


The test runs were completed without issues, we were amazingly fast and matched the quality from our smaller scale productions perfectly. We will produce the next batches in the upcoming weeks. From now on, producing more than 100kg won’t be an issue anymore.

Given the larger production scale, we still keep our smaller line for custom synthesis and pre-production samples.

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